8 ventures born at #TGASW18

Written by  TGASW Crew

Put 55 entrepreneurs, developers, and designers together in one room and they'll establish a Startup Enterprise in 54 hours (with mentors, tools, food and stationery provided of course)! 

And that's exactly how eight different concepts were developed at Tauranga Startup Weekend | Impact this year. Check them out here: 

Pocket Docket
Saving the environment one receipt at a time through an electronic receipt collection app.

Showing people for who they are not what they can do by creating an online platform that categorises job seekers via their values, not their experience or qualifications.

Corporate Escapee
Support for corporate escapees who want to find a more authentic way of life.

Reinventing business brokering.

A program that brings together youth ages 12 - 15, and seniors 65 and over to deliver a cat-sitting service in their local community.

Care Buddies
Providing mental health training in the agricultural work environment.

Streamlining the luggage check-in process with reusable tracking technology.

An assembly of humans, code and skills from around the world

All of the above ideas have the possibility of making some real impact so keep at it Startup Teams! 

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